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Hi, I have tried the bath melt, it wasn't what I thought it would be... its even better! The little tester block has lasted 3 baths and I'll get one more out of it yet. With my extremely dry eczema skin it is very soothing and has not aggravated it at all. Just wanted to say thank you, I'll need to pick some more up soon

Natalie Grace

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Darryl & Michele Pointon

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Darryl started woodturning back in school but stopped for many years as children were young and we travelled overseas for work. When he started back up, it wasn’t too long after that I also decided to give it a go. We completed the Diploma in Woodturning a few years later. Originally our goods were gifts to family and friends but then we started selling in our Woodturning clubs Christmas Shop, in our work places and to supply orders.

Our work is predominantly practical goods to be used though we do some more ‘artistic’ pieces as well. Each piece of wood is like a hidden treasure…you don’t know what it is going to reveal until you open it up.

Then, earlier this year, after travelling from Canada to Alaska, I saw the beautiful craft work being done by other artisans. It set off a spark inside that I wanted to branch out. I wanted to get involved with soaps and candles, originally to enhance and add to our woodturning but then…just because I loved them. I researched for many months and trialled and tested…family & friends came on to the gift list again to help test the products. I get so much pleasure out of creating a healthy alternative to the products available in the stores. The top 10 most dangerous synthetic ingredients found in household products are: Parabens,DEA and TEA,diazolidinyl,sodium lauryl sulfate,petrolatum,propylene glycol,PVP copolymer,stearalmonium chloride,synthetic colors,synthetic fragrance.

Please contact me with any questions or if there's something I don't offer it could be my next listing.Thank you for reading my story, I'm very grateful for your time


Our workshop is based in Ramarama, Auckland, New Zealand. We are an online store that will ship anywhere in the world.



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